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D.I.T. Services

Scott Stephens D.I.T.
My  25 years of experience in commercials, television, and movies has brought me lots of joy and knowledge .
I am Certified by Arriflex in Arri Color Sciences
and versed in work flows such as HDR and ACES.
In an ever changing field of technology and art,
I am always striving to master the next new story telling tool. 

Working on a Volumetric Stage? No problem.

 My goal is to provide for my Director of Photography, as many on-set functions as is needed
for the project, story, scene, or moment.
These include: 
Live Grading
Dailies Transcodes
Camera and sensor controls
Wireless transmission
and any other digital need.


As a Phantom Flex Operator I can also brings my knowledge  of high speed image capture to jobs that require it..

Cinematographers I have had the honor to collaborate with include:
Rodrigo Prieto ASC, John Lindley ASC, Jim Frohna, Tim Bellen, Jeff Cutter, Eric Treml, Moira Morel, Dan Stoloff, Trevor Forrest, James Whitaker, Barry Ackroyd Sandra Valde-Hansen, and others. 

Stills of looks Scott has collaborated on.
Check out Vimeo at the bottom for spots.
Canada Dry
Big O Tires
Comedy Central
Edward Jones
ATA Project
Dad's Day
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