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D.I.T. Services

Scott Stephens D.I.T.

A veteran of 25 years in commercials, television, and movies.

Scott is Certified by Arri in Color Sciences

and versed in work flows such as HDR and ACES.


As a D.I.T. Scott provides many on set functions

from Live Grading to  Dailies Transcodes

along with ALL camera and sensor controls,

wireless transmission and any other digital need.


Scott has served many functions on set

throughout his career, including Operating Cameras,

AC-ing, Loading film and digital and he brings

his enthusiasm to help on every job.


As a Phantom Flex Operator he also brings

his knowledge  of high speed to jobs that require it..

Cinematographers he has collaborated with include:

Eric Treml, Rodrigo Prieto ASC, John Lindley ASC, Jeff Cutter, and Jim Frohna.

A list of DP's and shows/spots he has worked on

are available upon request

Stills of looks Scott has collaborated on.
Check out Vimeo at the bottom for spots.
Canada Dry
Big O Tires
Comedy Central
Edward Jones
ATA Project
Dad's Day
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